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Welcome to Invest in ETFs, we will provide support for all types of investor at every stage of the investment process. We can teach novices the basics, whilst also giving seasoned portfolio owners advice on structure and risk management.

We will explain the latest products in the market and also show you how to carry out these investments.

Our aim is to empower individuals to make their own investment decisions and teach them how to invest in financial markets.  


Can I Invest without a broker?

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We aim to give people the latest most current unbiased information on investing in the global financial markets, and also help you to understand finance. 

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Traditionally, if you wanted to invest in financial markets, you had two choices, buy a stock, or give your money to an investment house and they bought stocks for you.

Both options on the face of things sound great, but do they actually work?

Investment professionals may study financial markets, learn about new variables that can forecast returns that provide decent profits, however, there are two problems with this, first, it is often difficult to navigate between the good and bad investment professionals, and also, they charge fees, none of this superior information, hours spent analysing financial markets or companies, comes for free.

Therefore, after fees, profits can seem quite insignificant.

By watching and learning from our videos, you will soon be able to take control of investing your own money.

In addition, what if you are unlucky enough to find a poor investment professional, one that cannot consistently beat the market, then you generally have a bigger problem of low profits and high fees.

Whilst daunting, the alternative of investing in an individual company maybe even worse, all your eggs in one or a few baskets can work for some people, but again a considerable theme in both strategies is luck.

It is easy to find success stories on the Internet of novice investors making millions with small initial sums, hardship stories of investors losing life savings are often less reported.

Throughout this website, we try to provide an alternative, investing in an Exchange Traded Fund.

In simple terms, an ETF is a basket of stocks, it is a hybrid asset that tracks the profits and losses of numerous companies, and your returns are based on the returns of many, therefore reducing risk considerably, and perhaps the best part, the fees are often considerably cheaper compared with investment professionals.

We do of course go into much more detail, please do have a good look around all of our pages, starting with perhaps the three most important, (i) what is an ETF? (ii) how much money will I make? (iii) Are stock’s risky? 

This website is purely educational, and please refer to our terms and conditions before using, remember investing in the financial market bares a considerable amount of risk.

Our very name comes from the passion we all have for index funds (equity traded funds in terms of stock market investing).

Simply put, they provide a platform to invest in numerous companies at once without the need for high brokerage fees.

Across the website, we try to teach the basic, our core principle is that when you leave, you will have the knowledge to Invest in your first ETF.

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