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The Team behind InvestinEtf’s

We are a team of Russell Group University (https://www.russellgroup.ac.uk/) graduates, who have PhDs in Finance, Economics and a range of other quantitative disciplines. We, therefore, have studied financial markets in-depth. One of the most surprising facts about investing is that most retail investors lose money. Long-term investors can combat this by investing in low-cost ETFs, which are baskets of stocks, often well-diversified and a cheaper alternative to mutual funds who generally charge large fees.

Our Name

Invest in ETFs” reminds us and users of the website that it is often very difficult to beat low-cost- broad market index funds such as the S&P 500 ETF when investing. This does not mean that we can blindly invest in any index fund, there are many thousands of index funds to choose from. But over the long term, and for investors with little time, it is often the most cost-effective and efficient strategy. We understand that some users of the website will have different needs and risk preferences, and this is the reason we go into further detail. If you visit only one other page of this website, we recommend the “What is an ETF page”.

What to expect?

The website was not designed for financial advice, but more of a platform where you can educate yourself on how to invest and what kinds of things you would like to invest in. We recommend that before parting with your money you should seek independent financial advice from a qualified professional. One of our main objectives was not ever to recommend a product or service to order for ourselves to profit, for these reasons we do not offer any of these “financial advice” services. You can, however, educate yourself with our How to Guides, and learn about different financial products through our pages that help describe Stocks, Bonds, Cryptocurrencies and a variety of other financial assets.

Our Story

Investing in financial markets has the ability to improve lives and create generational wealth. However, it can be a very risky venture. The idea behind the website was to educate people from non-finance backgrounds on how to get started in investing. A big motivator for us to get the website started was in 2015 when the UK government changed regulations so that individuals could access as much as their savings as they wanted from their defined contributions pension scheme.

From April 2015, in the UK you are able to take money directly from your pension pot without the restrictions that came before. We noticed a trend that lots of people around us decided to take their money out, without proper plans of what to do with it. Investing in financial markets is a good idea, but people often don’t grasp the risks and rewards associated with this. This is increasingly important for people close to retirement as swings in financial markets can have much more of an impact on daily income.

Another key motivator of ours is to encourage investment from an earlier age, long-term investor across a broad range of financial assets, like index funds or exchange-traded funds has seen steady returns that can turn into a healthy retirement pot in the future. We also feel that the UK population is slightly behind other nations in terms of investing, for example, it’s reported that around 3% of UK citizens invest in financial markets, whilst the figure is much higher in the US at closer to 11%. We hope to therefore attract an audience of all ages, it really is never too late to start investing, but it is much more beneficial to start at an earlier age. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now”.

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