Paul Martin Cadman: Chair of Trustees and a Professor in Entrepreneurship at Birmingham City University Business School, regional business leader and charity ambassador. Involved in numerous charities both regionally and internationally, sitting as a trustee and director and he holds several honorary positions.

Known as ‘the quiet changemaker’, Paul’s passion and drive are fuelled by a desire to help others and to give back to causes he cares deeply about. 

Paul is an expert on currency, as a communicator and a professor he’s close to the biggest decision-makers in the country. Meaning his knowledge of currency is vital to his vision of helping drive people and businesses.

Paul Martin Cadman’s Motto is – “Connect enthusiastically, give relentlessly and lead bravely. Do that and the future is yours.

Will Thompson: A seasoned expert in the field of alternative assets. He has a thorough understanding of the market and is especially interested in private equity and real estate. He has guided numerous clients through the difficulties of alternative investing and assisted them in diversifying their portfolios. He often contributes to the blog, offering his opinions and observations on the most recent developments and prospects in the market for alternative assets.

William Wedgewood: William, a proactive student at the University of Liverpool, possesses a passion for business economics and the intricate world of finance. With experience spanning roles in large corporations to agile tech start-ups, he has garnered insights that give him a unique edge in understanding diverse business landscapes.

Outside his core academic pursuits, William is immersed in various extracurricular activities. He’s an active participant in the Economics Society and Banking and Finance Society, continually seeking opportunities to expand his knowledge and network.

His journey, marked by curiosity and a drive to explore beyond the traditional, showcases a blend of academic rigour and real-world pragmatism, making him a future leader in finance.

James Turner: James is a cryptocurrency expert who invested in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies at the beginning. He is passionate about all things blockchain, but he is also careful and well-versed in the most recent changes to the cryptocurrency industry. He is a regular contributor to the blog, providing readers with insights on the latest crypto trends, market analysis and advice on how to navigate the world of digital currencies.

Elizabeth Green: Elizabeth is a skilled stock market specialist with extensive experience in the finance sector. She has a good eye for spotting inexpensive stocks and a history of providing her clients with rewards. She often contributes to the site, offering readers her analysis of specific stocks, views on current market trends, and guidance on how to create a successful stock portfolio.

Katherine White: Katherine is a recognised authority on ETFs and a seasoned professional. She is an expert at using ETFs to diversify portfolios and produce returns. She has an extensive understanding of the most recent ETF trends and products and has assisted numerous clients in navigating the challenging ETF market. She contributes frequently to the site, giving readers her opinions on current ETF trends, market analysis, and guidance on how to use ETFs to create a profitable portfolio.

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