Research – We answer the questions that matter.

Lots of retail investors rely on their guts when making their investment decisions. Whilst this is profitable for some, having the right statistics to back your ideas up is something we offer here at Invest in ETFs.

Our team is ready with the right programming techniques to answer the most important questions. We are fully trained in data collection and a range of programmes, including, MATLAB, R, Eviews, Stata and SPSS.

We are a team of researchers in all disciplines relating to economics, finance and business. If you would like to know the answer from a statistical point of view, then fill in our contact form below and we will get back to you with a price and timescale for your query.

We answer the questions big or small, and anywhere in-between. Have you heard a rumour on the stock forums that you want clarifying or do you have a burning question that will take sophisticated research methods? Our team is trained with world class research skills to answer the questions that matter to you.

Do you want to know if the Corporate Governance of a firm matters for its stock return performance (and by how much this can affect returns)? Or, have you got a new predictor of the stock market that you would like researching? Do you want to know what happened to the stock returns in different industries, after a large political shock? Does investing in IPO’s pay off? What are the trading rules for investing in IPOs in Australia or Canada or England? How do commodities perform during recessions compared to expansions? Is gold a safer asset than the US$? Can exchange rates be predicted? Is the stock market predictable? Do industries lead the stock market? Can I predict the market at long horizons? Or is it a small rumour that you need clarifying, have you seen something that say’s a large investment bank have invested in your company and you’re wondering if it’s true? We can answer it all.

Whatever it is, we’ll have you covered, using the latest data and state of the art research techniques, our team is ready and willing to answer the questions that you think matter. 

We can and do answer most queries that are posed to us, as our team has diversification and access to some of the most powerful data and programming packages available. 

Let your gut instincts be backed up by data. Don’t follow the noise!